March 2005


Welcome to "ShopTalk" volume 1, issue 2 of the official WorkShop newsletter. What you can do this month: Impress your friends with your mad skeelz at the Martha release party; release your inner crafter during National Craft Month; send your kids to craft camp and more!

In This Issue:
  • Spotlight: Decoupage Frame
  • Return to Civilized Crafting
  • Better Living Through Arts and Crafts
  • Spring Break and Summer Camps
  • Online Gallery

  • Return to Civilized Crafting

    How do you get real street cred? One sure way is to win bragging rights by out-Martha-ing everyone around you at the Martha Stewart Release Party on March 6. There's a Martha lookalike contest, a cookie decorating contest, and the ultimate Martha triathalon (flower arranging, HER-b identification, and creating a proper place setting), celebrity judges, fantastic prizes, delicious refreshments, and yes, we invited Martha, but we're not holding our breath. It's free. It's fun. It's a good thing.

    Better Living Through Arts and Crafts

    March is National Craft Month - so it's the perfect time for you to make a commitment to your personal sanity by taking up a craft. We may be exaggerating a little, but not really. Art therapy is a very reliable and accepted way for people to work through traumatic situations. But for day-to-day stress, you'll find that simply taking up a creative hobby can reduce anxiety, improve your outlook and provide you with some quiet "you-time." In fact, we wish we had a dime for every time a customer has told us how relaxing it was to come in and make something - we'd have like six dollars by now. Plus, exercising your creative muscles can help you in all areas of your life. When you make something, you are drawing on different areas of your brain - dealing with color, composition, motor skills, etc. You are active and involved in the process and when you're finished, you have a fantastic work of art. Reality television can't say all that!

    Spring Break and Summer Camps

    The WorkShop is pleased to present a five-day Spring Break arts and crafts camp for children ages 6-9 and 10-12. Campers will make crafts in a different medium each day, inspired by folktales from around the world. (Check out our Summer Camps too!) It's affordable and lots of fun!

    Online Gallery

    WorkShop customers never cease to amaze us with the fantastic and creative flair they bring to their crafting. Just when we think we're smart and know it all, someone will make a unique and remarkable item which we then promptly copy and claim as our own. But now, we are honoring the original creators by showing their work in an online gallery. It's still small, but it won't be for long.

    Spotlight: Decoupage Frame

    Many people are confused about decoupage and how, exactly, to go about creating a functional and beautiful piece using scissors, glue and scrap paper. Well, we think this frame provides an excellent example of how it works! Everything on this frame was cut from old calendars, magazines, etc. (we have a big stack of same here). This is an elegant, beautiful piece and we hope it inspires you!

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