May 2005


From MayDay to Mother's Day to Memorial Day - we think this is the best month of the year! (Not to mention that our birthdays are this month.) You might think that a business run by two Geminis would have identity problems, but we all beg to differ - all four of us.

But, on to business: here's what you can do at the WorkShop this month: Make Mom Something Memorable; Enrich Your Kids; Explore Something New; Get Ready for Summer; and Celebrate Two-Fers All Month Long!

Yes, You May!
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  • Mother's Day
  • Summer Camp!
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  • Mother's Day

    Mom. Ever since she hung your crayon-covered masterpieces on the refrigerator she's been a true fan of your artistic endeavors. Moms love handmade stuff. At the WorkShop, we're here to help ensure that your handmade treasures are the absolute best. We have projects for all ages and skill levels, and invite you to come and create the best Mother's Day gift ever. Dads! Bring the kids for a special date and make a gift for mom (how about a plate and coffee mug on which to serve her breakfast in bed?) Moms! Grandmas LOVE handprint mugs...they told us so! Or, why not get a babysitter and come in for a little "you" time?

    Summer Camp!

    The WorkShop is pleased to present Summer Arts & Crafts Camp for children ages 6-9 and 10-12. Campers will make crafts in a different medium each day, and enjoy a mini workshop on a variety of interesting and fun subjects, such as magical creatures, Texas, and folktales. Sample crafts include: clay windchime, beaded bookmark, decoupage mirror and more. It's affordable and lots of fun!

    Gemini's Twins

    In honor of our Gemini birthdays, we are offering two- fer deals on a variety of projects this month! This month if you buy one 4x6 wooden frame, square wood mirror, child's stretchy bracelet, lip balm, earring, wine goblet, small terra cotta pot, 4.25" tile, rim salad plate, kitten or puppy, you'll get another identical item for free. This offer is good while supplies last, or until the end of the month. Certain restrictions apply, and you have to wish us happy birthday to get the deal. (And ix-nay on the asking our age thing.)

    Gnome Gnotes

    Gnome Gnight was Great! More than 30 Austin gardens, patios and window sills are now graced with the presence of a cuddly, chunky, bearded dude. We still have a few homeless gnomes, so come on in and make your very own mystical, magical yard art. Thank you Austin Glitterati and all our gnome painters for making this event so much fun!


    Improve your mind and improve your life with one of the fantastic classes offered by The WorkShop. Upcoming classes include: Introduction to Beaded Jewelry; Knitting I and II; Change Your Space, Change Your Life (Feng Shui and Organization); One- Stroke Painting with Jane Wright; Container Gardening; Tile Boxes with Paper Clay; Aromatherapy; Quilting and more. Our classes are reasonably priced and all materials are provided! You can never be too classy, so come on and try it!

    While you're at it, check out the Hip New Book Club hosted at the shop. This month's book is 'Middlesex' by Jeffrey Eugenides.


    Summertime means lots of gift-giving opportunities: barbecues; Father's Day, weddings and showers, graduation, etc. At The WorkShop, we can help you find something totally unique and meaningful for your gift-giving occassion. Keep us in mind for custom work, fundraisers, girl's nights out, birthday parties and more!

    Spotlight: Poker Prizes

    We usually feature customer creations in this spot, but we wanted to show off the custom platter and bowl sets we made for a poker tournament at a local country club. The platters and bowls ("chip" and dip, arr, arr) were given as prizes to the winners and runners-up. Think about making your own custom prizes, corporate gifts or thank-you gifts (or hire us to do it for you!)

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    No winners in last month's trivia contest. In fact, we had no entries! So, here are the locations of three concrete gorillas in Austin: private residence on Madison Avenue; private residence on West Lynn, and, the fantastic pink guy above, which lives outside the bingo parlor at Lamar and 183. And you call yourselves Austinites....

    No contest this month, please check out our "two-fers" instead.

    Summer Camp Discount

    Register your youngster by May 15 and get 20 percent off registration fees for one full-week session, or for a three-week session. Call us for details: 512/473-2787.