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“Whatever creativity is, it is in part a solution to a problem.”
— Brian Aldiss, British science fiction writer



In a sad and surprising turn of events, our landlord opted not to renew our lease. It is sort of a long story, but the net result is that we had two weeks' notice and no place to go. Effective June 30, we're homeless.

We're devastated, but the strong support we've received from our customers has given us the resolve to relocate - again. So, things are temporarily in storage and we're looking. It may take some time to find a permanent home (third time is the charm! right?) but we hope it will happen soon.

We will be able to provide parties-to-go during this transition and are available for custom work. Our e-mail and phone numbers are still active and we will keep you up to date via our newsletter. If you have questions or concerns, please let us know. We're here - it's just sort of virtual for the moment.

The Work*Shop offers a variety of options to spark your creativity. Feeding your creativity can provide benefits in all areas of life: personal, professional, and even spiritual. join us at the shop for fun, learning, making and doing. Check out our site for more information or contact us with questions.


Work - The Work*Shop is Austin's original walk-in arts and crafts studio where you’ll find everything you need to try a variety of projects, ready and waiting. Entertaining guests, restless kids or simply have a couple of hours to fill? That’s the perfect time to visit The Work*Shop! Read more about our craft options here. Or, check out our FAQs.

Shop - The Work*Shop also offers the best selection of handmade items by Austin artists. From funky fashion to gorgeous jewelry, to hand decorated functional items to fine art, you’ll find the perfect treat for yourself or someone else in our retail store. Check it out here.

Take a Workshop - The Work*Shop offers a variety of interesting classes to fit any budget or schedule. Whether you are looking for a one-night, start-to-finish craft, you want to learn a new skill, or you are just looking for something to get your creative energy flowing, you’ll find just the right thing at The Work*Shop. For a list of upcoming classes, check the calendar. To teach or request a class, click here.

Other Stuff - The Work*Shop hosts a variety of special events, including private parties for kids and adults, theme nights, fundraising events and teambuilding retreats. If you need to plan an event and need some ideas, why not give us a call?

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