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"Concern over criticism clogs creativity."
--Duane Alan Hahn


walk-in arts and crafts

The Work*Shop is basically a walk-in arts and crafts studio. You may already be familiar with a paint-your-own ceramics store well, The Work*Shop offers that, plus much more. In addition to ceramics painting, we offer glass and wood painting, beading, mosaic, mix-your-own bath products, decoupage and paper crafts. For real impact, combine crafts! For example, you can mix your own soap and paint a matching soap dish. Or, create a beaded necklace and a paint a wooden box to store it. To read more about the individual craft options, click below. To visit the gallery, click here.

We provide all the materials and help you get started. Our extensive library of example books will also provide a wealth of interesting ideas. The Work*Shop is all inclusive: you pay for the item/s (blank bisque, wooden box, ceramic tiles, beads, etc.) and we provide studio time (up to three hours), paints, brushes, tools, instructions, etc. No per-person fee, no hourly rates. You pay only for the materials you use - prices range from $5 - $50.

The Work*Shop is a great place to make meaningful gifts for people, or just for yourself!

Craft of the Month - In addtion to our standard walk-in options. The Work*Shop offers a rotating 'craft of the month.'