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All art is quite useless. So is a flower."
-- Oscar Wilde .



Here are some Web sites we like:

HGTV- All hail Carol Duvall!
marthastewart.com - Free Martha!
Ready Made - We wish we were this cool
DIY - You can do it!
Craftster - Talk amongst yourselves
Get Crafty - Talk amongst yourselves some more

To Try:
Ornamental Things - Natalie's stuff
Austin Craft Mafia - We wish we were this cool, too.
JNA Designs - Jen's stuff
Baby Boot Camp – Bring Your Baby – Get Fit!

Things to Spark Creativity (really just a list of funny and interesting sites)
The Institute of Official Cheer - A visual feast
Lego Movies - Legos
Bulwer-Lytton - It was a dark and stormy night...
Earth from Space - Makes us feel small

Friends of The Work*Shop
Stellar Communications - desiged our site
The Utopia site at UT/Austin - our friend works here - and it's educational!
Horsebacksalad Entertainment - cool animation stuff

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