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"I invent nothing, I rediscover."
-- Auguste Rodin


creativity clubs

What is a creativity club?
A group of individuals who meet regularly to pursue creative interests. Similar in approach to a book club, a creativity club offers participants an easy-to-manage outlet for socializing and creative growth.

In most cases, a creativity club will include up to 12 members, with rotating “host” responsibiities. It is the host’s responsibility to identify an activity, notify the club members well in advance, and provide information about cost, location, etc.

Start your own club.
Here are some guidelines for creating a successful club:

Set your schedule. Set a regular meeting time each month. Decide whether you will allow hosts to deviate from the standard date (for example, to catch a play that is open only one night.) Establish a calendar with hosts identified for each month - as far in advance as possible.

Set attendance and participation rules. You’ll get more from the club if everyone participates regularly.

Set money rules. All bank accounts are not created equal. Is there a limit to how much an activity should cost?

Select members with care. Think about the members of your group: are they similar in age, income, experience, interests? Do you want homogeny or diversity? It may be best to start with a small number of people and add new members over time, to ensure harmony in the group.

Keep it interesting. Remember that the creativity club is about creativity. Anything that sparks creativity is fair game. If there have been a number of craft projects in a row, a host may wish to consider dinner out or a movie instead.

A creativity club is also a great option for kids and teens.

How The Work*Shop can help:
The Work*Shop offers use of its Bee Room on a space available basis. In addition, we can help you find unique craft options for your group. You may wish to have a movie night, a painting night, or a mini aromatherapy class, followed by a make-your-own bath products workshop. In fact, the idea for The Work*Shop evolved, in part, from our own Creativity Club.