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"The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world." WR Wallace


Mother's Day Ideas

  • Mom’s Night In Gift Set: Make a custom-blended bath salts/body butter set. Package with that new book Mom’s been wanting to read and a gift certificate for one night of a kid-free house, courtesy of dad, Grandma, or other suitable adult supervision!
  • The Awww Factor: Bring in the kids to make handprint tiles. Come back when they’re done and use them to create a mosaic memory stepping stone! Or, bring in a laser-printed family photo (call us for details on size). Cover with clear glass mosaic tiles to create a family photo mosaic!
  • Secret Agent Mom: Think up a special message for mom. Our staff will show you how to use beads to create a special Morse code bracelet (create a mini-card to include with the bracelet in case Mom’s not quite up on her Morse decoding skills).
  • Paint a plate and coffee mug - serve her breakfast in bed!
  • Make a handprint bowl or picture frame.
  • Get mom a gift certificate and let her have some time to herself.
  • Bring the family in for some quality together time and make a family popcorn bowl or ice cream dishes.